Staufengalerie, Göppingen

Site: Göppingen
Client: Grundstücksges. Einkaufszentrum Göppingen mbH
Services: LPH 1-3
Duration: 2013

In spite of its big volume on the whole, the shopping centre ‘Staufen-Galerie’  in the middle of Göppingen was meant to match the scale of its surroundings, so the architects Bollinger + Fehlig developed a façade in keeping with the town’s character. Lightly coloured pre-cast concrete parts and graduated divisions reflect the detailed appearance of neighbouring buildings, and the depth and transparency of single sections respond to street-areas around them. Of special importance is the fact that the Staufen Galerie has no rear and that all façades are open to the street and town to some extent. The materials and hues of the façades create links among single buildings in the quarter and express the ensemble’s place in the town. Bollinger + Fehlig’s entry for the competition was short-listed.