Linienstraße, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: GFP Enders
Services: LPH 2-7
Duration: 2008-2009
Cost: 2 Mio. €
Photos: diephotodesigner

In the redevelopment area ‘Spandauer Vorstadt’ in the borough Mitte, the architects Bollinger + Fehlig planned and realized a six-storey residential building. The design for this building on Linienstraße combines inner-city living with a wish for a green and natural environment. This ambivalence is expressed for instance by the design of the plain perforated façade, whose asymmetrically arranged ornamented window-frames harmonize with the surroundings. Although the design encompasses the planned six floors, the five flats with split levels and maisonettes have a feeling of spaciousness. Rooms with especially high ceilings are planned for the living and kitchen areas, and baths, individual and adjoining rooms, are located in the lower mezzanine floors. A spacious penthouse flat on the top floors has an impressively ample patio area and a lush roof garden. On the ground floor there are two retail areas