Dessauer Strasse, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Degewo Wohnungsbau GmbH
Services: LPH 1-9, Generalplaner
Duration: 2015-2018
Cost: 22 Mio. €
Cooperation with Bernrieder, Siewecke-Lagemann Architekten

The Berlin-based Property Company Degewo owns the Plot in Berlin-Steglitz. An existing school building was demolished, due to asbestos contamination. As the aim is to provide living-space to a reasonable price, 250 flats are planned, based on public social housing. The ensemble of buildings completes an existing cultivation to the south, by closing the block structure, while the north side is characterized by smaller typologies. A block of buildings in the east and west open up to a calm and green inner courtyard. .