Hugo-Cassirer-Straße, Berlin

Site: Berlin, Spandau
Client: Gewobag AG
Services: HOAI 1-9 (general planning)
Duration: 2018-2021
Cost: 16 Mio. €
Photos: Marcus Ebener
Detail Shots: Andreas Schwarz
Vis-à-vis The Industry

Directly across from a historically protected brick industrial hall from 1928, BFA has planned the completion of a residential development from the early 2000’s. Two point buildings (Punkthäuser) emulate the aesthetics of the Poelzig hall nearby, with their two-storied brick base. Stepping back from the street, a lush, landscaped community park opens up behind the two buildings for use by the residents. The ensemble includes three levels including penthouses, all of which are facing south to maximize sun exposure and are surrounded by peaceful, leafy green spaces.