Wäschefabrik, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Westbrook Partners
Services: HOAI 1-8 (general planning)
Duration: 2019-2023
Out of a Deep Sleep

A former linen factory from the 1910’s is being converted with a fresh look to become a contemporary office building. Conveniently located next to an S-Bahn train station, the building retains its serene, sequestered character, as it is hidden and only accessible through a narrow courtyard. Based on the historical structure, BFA brought the factory feel of the house back to life, but added additional layers to create individuality and character. Using the age-old linen factory as inspiration, three new, state of the art buildings fill in the gaps left by the destruction caused by the war. The new buildings connect seamlessly to the old factory and are, in a sense, “sewn” together. The previously neglected, undeveloped courtyard is being heavily landscaped and upgraded to be a welcoming place for relaxation.


Visualisierung: LOOMN
Visualisierung: xoio GmbH
Visualisierung: xoio GmbH
Visualisierung: xoio GmbH