The Weinmeister, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Müller-Spreer & Co. Weinmeisterstr. KG
Services: LPH 6-9
Duration: 2008-2010
Cost: 7 Mio. €
Photos: diephotodesigner

The hotel ‘The Weinmeister’ filled in one of the last gaps between buildings in the borough Mitte. With a volume matching the height of its neighbours, it is graduated in various ways. The ground floor is fitted mainly with glass and hosts communal areas, whereas the façade is clad in expanded-metal elements, anodized differently from section to section. The interior was designed under the later manager’s scrutiny and left rough at his request, to serve as a foil for fine fittings. A garage was squeezed in between the foundations of neighbouring buildings and a tube of the underground.