Student housing, Potsdam

Site: Potsdam
Services: Competition
Duration: 2023
Visualization: Zeynep Oba
Closing Educational Gaps

BFA has envisioned the new student housing project in Potsdam as a narrow plot built for togetherness. Located against the long fire wall of the Education Forum and facing Unity Square, the modern architectural project exudes a confident air.
Within the building, a cascading staircase forms the central backbone, flowing through the structure and providing access to and connecting all residential units and communal areas. Multifunctional boxes along the staircase offer various uses. In addition, 48 apartments of varying sizes can comfortably accommodate up to 79 students. The basic, contemporary structure of the building conveniently allows for multi-use purposes, whereas the connection to the historical architecture nearby is not lost as a result of the modern interpretation of the classical façades. This project not only closes a gap in Potsdam‘s historical building structure, but also in affordable yet modern housing.

Zeyneb Oba