Primary School, Meppen

Site: Meppen
Services: Competition
Duration: 2021
Sunlit Clearing

For the new construction of a two class elementary school, a daycare center with five groups and one movement hall in the city of Meppen, BFA let the beautiful location inspire its design. The modern, U-shaped building forms a clearing in the middle of the dense pine forest. The long, slender trunks are reflected in the horizontal division of the clinker brick facade, which is typical of the area. The U has a heart, the central forum. From here, the entire building makes way, both vertically and horizontally, to the upper floor with a spacious roof terrace. The multifunctional forum with adjoining auditorium and cafeteria seemlessly opens onto the outside area, adorned with generous glass fronts, a modern “outdoor classroom”. The school and daycare rooms are arranged around this center in functional yet manageable clusters.