Oberpostdirektion, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: M.S.C. Objekt Berlin GmbH
Services: HOAI 1-8 (general planning)
Duration: 2019-2022
Cost: 31 Mio. €
Photos: Marcus Ebener
Modernized History

Of central importance is the question, how contemporary can heritage-protected reconstructions be without neglecting it’s historical narrative? On the one hand, BFA’s design combines the succinct outer facade and the spacious staircases indicative of Berlin Expressionism. The original high ceilings are exposed and the surrounding park is historically restored. On the other hand, BFA implements the ideal atmosphere for contemporary work inside: spacious open-plan areas are combined with glass windowed offices and the striking corner rooms, converted into new conference rooms. The original industrial construction is partnered with modern materials and fixtures, creating a contemporary twist on history recaptured.