MACHWERK, Marienfelde

Site: Berlin, Marienfelde
Services: Competition
Duration: 2021
Monument in the Making

A building once known for weaponry and steel is now blooming with life, abundant with creativity and novel ideas. One of Albert Speer’s last remaining buildings, a historic armaments factory in Marienfelde, is being transformed into a diverse, innovative and colorful work space, known as the »Machwerk Marienfelde«. The valuable, historically protected building has not been destroyed, but rather reinvented as a monument reserved for the common infrastructure of all of the creative people working here. The workshop is divided into mini to maxi units, maximizing space for productivity. As a connecting element, traditional “Berliner” wooden roof constructions frame the small details. An additional bar frames the ensemble in the south and contrasts the venerable old building with its transparent wooden structure and the lively rooftop landscape. The symbiosis is beautifully successful and emphasizes it’s diversity. Strictly functional and production areas are dissolved and transformed into attractive, natural recreation areas. In this way, BFA seamlessly integrates this modern building into its surrounding environment.