Hotel Petersberg, Königswinter

Site: Königswinter
Client: BIMA
Services: HOAI 2-9
Duration: 2015-2018
Cost: 9.9 Mio. €
Joint Venture with C+C Interiors and Project Orange

The Hotel Petersberg near Bonn looks back on an illustriuos History as the guesthouse of the Federal Republic of Germany. Impressive conference rooms and banquet halls offered a fantastic location for significant events. In 1990 the Steigenberger Hotels AG took the Hotel in it`s Portfolio. After the federal Government moved from Bonn to Berlin, the Hotel furtheron served as a guesthouse, but also opened up to regular Hotel- and Conference Guests. Although classified as a 5-Star Hotel, it could not quite meet the expectations fulfilled by surrounding Houses. The neccessary modernisation is now conducted. The floor plans of the rooms are optimized, the difficult access to the general areas are simplified, the restaurant and Spa-areas refurnished. The charm of a by-gone age will be received, revealing a new splendor.