Primary School, Zepernick

Site: Berlin
Client: Gemeinde Panketal
Services: HOAI 1-9
Duration: 2014-2016
Cost: 5,2 Mio. €
Joint Venture with Renner Architects
Flexible and Free

While the school was still in operation, BFA successfully expanded the Zepernick elementary school with a modern two-story building with a restrained brick façade. This complementary, auxiliary building stands as an independent structure somewhat apart from the existing buildings; however, the entrance area opens invitingly to the school campus. The fifteen classrooms, which are divided into four learning clusters by color, were designed with a high degree of flexibility. The clusters are grouped around a central play, exercise and performance hall. From the core of the building is an outside staircase, which can also be used as a spectator area. The stairway connects the multifunctional hall on the ground floor with a circumferential gallery on the upper floor and emphasizes the open character of the building.