Quartier Schützengarten, Dresden

Site: Friedrichstadt, Dresden
Client: Deutsche Wohnen Construction and Facilities GmbH
Services: HOAI 1-5
Duration: 2018-2023
Cost: 6,35 Mio. €
Unity in Diversity

Centrally located in Dresden, a brand new, modern neighborhood is being created. Conspicuously, a modest office building from the early Eighties gives way to an attractive, flourishing and green residential area with almost five hundred apartments. In regards to urban planning, this redesigned district is based on historical city structures. Additionally, numerous new streets lined with houses and three spacious inner courtyards are being built. Three architecture offices have been entrusted with implementing the vision, with BFA in charge of eight of the twenty-three houses. The central idea of the project is to introduce a contemporary attitude into the historical context and to positively enable modern living without disregarding the tradition of the surroundings.

Quarters Schützengarten