Evangelical Primary School, Zehlendorf

Site: Berlin, Zehlendorf
Client: Evangelische Kirche - Kirchenkreis Teltow Zehlendorf
Services: HOAI 1-9
Duration: 2019-2023
Photos: Marcus Ebener
Wallart: Various & Gould
Thoughts Make Waves

The Evangelical Primary School in Zehlendorf focuses on an “open-learning” teaching and schooling concept, and this educational concept has been translated into architecture. The ground floor is home to the common spaces accessible to all, such as a sizable recreation and meeting area, the library, the cafeteria and a designated theater room, which emphasizes the school’s theater profile. The NAWI room on the north side makes reference to the existing eco garden, which is actively used in school operations. Under the rooftop, three learning houses (rooms) form the upper floor, and can be easily reached via two flights of stairs from the open ground floor.

Evangelical Primary School Zehlendorf