Tränenpalast, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Müller Spreer & Co. Spreedreieck KG
Services: HOAI 1-8
Duration: 2010-2011
Cost: 1,3 Mio. €
Photos: diephotodesigner
Exhibition: Coordination Ausstellungs GmbH
No More Tears

At Berlin Friedrichstraße station, The Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears) is a former border crossing point between East and West Berlin, which was in operation between 1962 and 1989. The tearful partings that took place in front of the building between western visitors and East German residents who were not permitted to travel to West Berlin, is where the Tränenpalast got it’s name. In 2008, the Bundstag redefined the cantilevered aluminum-glass construction as a memorial and exhibition space. BFA made this reallocation possible with a complete renovation of the façade and the extension and integration of the exhibition architecture, in accordance with the guidelines and regulations for the preservation of historical monuments.