The Benjamin, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Gebauer Liegenschaften GmbH
Services: LPH 1-8
Duration: 2016- 2019
Cost: 14 Mio. €

The Plot Franklinstrasse 15a is part of the commercial property “Gebauer Höfe”, located nearby the three leading centers of Science and research in Berlin, the Technical University, the Fraunhofer Institiute and the Acadamy of Arts.The new building quotes the historical surrounding represented by the ensemble of the Gebauer Höfe with its classic klinker brick masonry. The stacked storey stands out against the main facade with its coherent window area, and a facade casing made of metal. To meet the demands of modern work processes, the office units are designed as open space areas, up to 600 m².The ground floor offers retail areas and a restaurant with a beautiful view over the river Spree. The courtyard stays accessible to the public.