Reinickendorfer Straße, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Services: Competition
Duration: 2021

Two sizable vacant lots on the edge of a block on Reinickendorfer Strasse in Wedding are being innovatively closed; one with a bolt that adjoins the existing building, the other with an angle that connects Reinickendorfer with Wiesenstrasse. The two buildings have different functions, yet their connection can be seen from the outside much in part to being built of the same material. Created in the wing is a modularly constructed combination of residential and commercial space spanning six floors, additionally including a stacked floor. The industrial-looking façade emphasizes the character of living and working. The apartments are accessible on the street side via a spacious walkway, while a light balcony structure allows access to the courtyard side. The architectural design offers families larger residential units, while the ground floor is reserved for commercial use. Floor-to-ceiling windows dominate the façade, and modern, curtain-like balconies give emphasis to the residential appeal. The commercial floor is completely transparent, so that the angular building appears as if to float over a light base.