Pistoriusstraße, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: WIW Wohnen in Weissensee GmbH & Co KG
Services: LPH 6-9
Duration: 2013-2014
Cost: 5,4 Mio. €
Photos: Stefan Müller

Surrounded by listed buildings, there is a building ensemble in Berlin-Weissensee consisting of a 6-storey house front building and two 4-storey garden houses. As this area offers a high quality of life, especially for young families, demand for appropriate living space is continually increasing. In addition to high quality, contemporary materials and modern architectural language, the planning target needs first and foremost to be an economical means construction, as the resulting apartments must be offered at an affordable rent. Large window elements, balconies, garden and roof terraces create a reference to the environment on all sides; the floor plans are very usable, and not only for families. Since the focus was not on maximum land utilisation, green and quiet areas could be provided in the interior of the ensemble, ideal for the envisaged target group, young families and people who appreciate the benefits and qualities of the “green district”.