Paradome, Potsdam

Site: Potsdam
Client: Paradome GmbH & Co. KG
Services: HOAI 3/5
Duration: 2021-2024
Cost: 38,5 Mio. €
Visualization: LOOMN
No Circus at Customs

Once bustling with busy locomotives, the halls of Potsdam’s Main Customs Office will soon be filled employees strolling to work. Currently, the historic locomotive assembly hall in Potsdam-Babelsberg, known as the „Loco Circus,“ is being transformed and modernized into an office and administrative building. The 20-meter-high dome of the building is the centerpiece of the locomotive assembly hall, which has been vacant since 1992. It will be preserved, spanning its 48-meter width over the new single-story building underneath. Its roof, made of reinforced concrete, echoes the historical form and effortlessly reinterprets it. With facade openings, the office spaces on three split-level floors are naturally illuminated, creating a pleasant, calming working atmosphere. The unique character of the building is preserved while simultaneously creating modern and high-quality office spaces.