Mundsburg Tower, Hamburg

Site: Hamburg
Client: alstria office REIT-AG
Services: LPH 1-8
Duration: 2009-2012
Cost: 14 Mio. Euro
Photos: diephotodesigner

The Mundsburg Towers arose in Hamburg in the 1970s. The ensemble, now historically conserved, is made up of an office tower, a residential tower and a connecting plinth in commercial use. For the office tower, alstria office REIT AG commissioned the architects Bollinger + Fehlig with planning and implementing extensive renovation and modernization, which entailed complete renewal of the energy and technical equipment and interior fittings. The office floor can be partitioned in various ways, and double-glazed windows have replaced single glazing. We are proud of the sustainable outlook for the Mundsburg Office Tower, and the building has been certified with the DGNB badge in silver.