Mudrastraße, Berlin

Site: Berlin, Lankwitz
Client: degewo city Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH
Services: HOAI 1-9 (general planning)
Duration: 2017-2022
Cost: 17,4 Mio. €

In the Lankwitz district of Berlin, BFS has recently developed a total of 182 residential units, encompassing seven apartment buildings for the housing company, Degewo. The development is intended to be inviting to families as well as senior citizens and students alike. One primary focus of the development is barrier-free, senior-friendly apartments, for maximal self-determined living. On Malteserstraße and Emmichstraße, the houses are lined up in blocks. Facing inward, a neighbourhood feeling is achieved through the versatile outdoor facilities arranged around detached tower buildings All apartments are designed to benefit from optimal exposure to the sunlight.