Lückstaße, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: HOWOGE / IWP Hohental Plan- und Generalbau GmbH
Services: HOAI 1-5
Duration: 2023-2025
Cost: 22,1 Mio. €
Visualization: Astigmatic
Creating Space through Gaps

A very long and narrow plot of land on Lückstraße is currently being developed with 158 modern residential units. To create a sense of openness and space, despite the tight shape of the plot, the construction is divided into four buildings. Facing the street, a six-story building connects to the existing, neighboring buildings. The building‘s volume follows the property line, serving as a seamless mediator between the adjacent structures. Towards the depth of the plot, three buildings are staggered and arranged in a stepped manner as they transition towards the open space structure in the south. Simultaneously, the shifting arrangement creates individual, high quality residential courtyards. The connection between the building sections is achieved through open, externally positioned staircases with transparent facades. The mixed-use nature of the development adds vitality to the plot. Commercial spaces, offices, and a medical practice complement the residential buildings, creating a small neighborhood within itself. The fundamental concept of the ensemble is based on social interaction, framed by an ecological and economically viable construction structure.

Astigmatic studio
Astigmatic studio