Lokschuppen, Neubrandenburg

Site: Neubrandenburg
Services: Competition
Duration: 2023
Visualization: Astigmatic studio

For years, the historic city center and the bustling, residential Norstadt have been separated by a derelict locomotive shed area next to the Neubrandenburg train station. In the future, however, this site with its impressive historic halls, will reconnect the districts of Neubrandenburg. A new urban center is to be created – with ample space for the City‘s Digital Innovation Center (DIZ). There will also be rooms for culture and commerce, offices for companies and start-ups, a school and a hostel. The basic structure of the area will be preserved, just like the landmarked historical building structure, but at the same time opened and made accessible on all sides. New buildings will be integrated into the existing development as plug-ins using hybrid wood construction. They create, alongside exciting rooftop landscapes and spaces in between, a vibrant contrast between digital and historical aesthetics as well as open natural spaces. A meeting place for everyone in Neubrandenburg – integrative, flexible and sustainable.