Kottbusser Strasse, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Nicolas Berggruen Berlin, Five Projects GmbH & Co KG
Services: HOAI 1-8
Duration: 2016-2019
Cost: 5.7 Mio €
Photos: Marcus Ebener

In Kreuzberg, in the so-called Luisenstadt, a multiple storey office building is planned, as an extension to the commercial property “Lichtfabrik”. The target group for this project are existing and structurally similar tennants, aiming to improve the creative cluster around the “Lichtfabrik”. The concept of the building intends to share the new entry, offering a main entrance to the existing buildings in the courtyard.The office units are designed as lofts, large window areas reduce the need of artificial light.The facade shows a contemporary architecture, with refabricated concrete and convoluted metal panels.