House of Statistics

Site: Berlin
Services: Competition, 2nd place
Duration: 2021

Not just living, but living together -this is the goal and ultimate conceptual design of the House of Statistics. This impressive skyscraper in Berlin Mitte consists of two independent buildings, which are individually accessible yet connected by a central aisle. An offset in the façade creates a block of 6 storeys and one Tower, which is divided on the 7th floor by a „Fugengeschoss, or adjacent landing. Double leveled city windows and beautiful opening spaces with greenery, structure the façade and direct the effusive sunlight into the central corridor. The ground floor is spacious ad open as a place for businesses, studios and workshops. Floors one to six and eight to fourteen are residential. The central joint storey serves as a connecting event area and opens up to both a communal, single roof garden and a children’s playground. An additional activity and shared terrace also function as an attractive yet operational outdoor area.