Gleimstraße, Berlin

Site: Berlin-Wedding
Client: degewo AG
Services: LPH 1-4, 6
Duration: 2014-2016
Cost: 8,8 Mio. Euro
Photos: Stefan Müller

At the corner of Gleimstrasse and Graunstrasse, an apartment block of 104 homes has been built on the grounds of a former home for the elderly. The building, with its five entrances up into one house, was conceived following the local typology. The facades, however, are transformed and interpreted according to their respective direction and function. With a continuous design principle, a metamorphosis is created over the entire building, by which the form as a whole is divided and brought down to a manageable scale. The apartments have been planned according to the apartment key and the DEGEWO requirement profile as mostly small, medium-sized or accessible homes. The very ambitious commercial pre-conditions are met by means of a modular design.