Gleimstraße, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: degewo AG
Services: HOAI 1-4, 6 (general planning)
Duration: 2014-2016
Cost: 8,8 Mio. €
Photos: Stefan Müller
Cooperation with Bernrieder Sieweke Lagemann Architekten
One Out of Five

BFA has developed a new multi-family building at Berlin’s centrally located, popular urban park, Mauerpark. This architectural design adopts the large-scale with proportional style building typology, which is customary of the area. The five entrances have been combined into one stately building. Furthermore, the building is structured in such a way that the facades are designed differently to maximize their exposure to sunlight. Further optimizing the positive qualities of the design, a panel has been placed in front of the building on the busy street side and spacious balconies facing the green inner courtyard have been attached on the side of the Mauerpark.