Freiberger Straße, Dresden

Site: Freiberger Straße, Dresden
Services: Competition
Duration: 2022
Visualization: Astigmatic studio
A small high-rise building for Freiberger Straße - First building block of the new quarter at the former coal station in Dresden

In a newly developed district in Dresden, a representative corner building for commercial usage has been created. It is the tallest building in this new urban district, and is characterized by a distinct elevation of the corner, protruding from the ground like a ship’s bow, leading out into the sea. The architectural high point ensures that a seamless transition is created between it, and the sloping roofs of the neighboring buildings. The strong articulation of the façades is reflected in the functional internal organization of the structure: quite simply, a revolutionary building whose clear grid ensures maximum flexibility and modernity. The quarter as a whole is presented as a unit, with the red of the bridge components and the passageways to the courtyard incorporated into the façade design. The corner is the starting point for the overarching design concept, which visually ties the building plots together as a red bracket. The design allows for modern and flexibly organized office structures inside, provides space for reception situations and conference areas, and has a bustling base zone that shapes the urban city space.

Visualisierung: Astigmatic studio
Ansicht Freiberger Straße
Querschnitt Hofansicht B
1. Obergeschoss
3. Obergeschoss - Regelgeschoss
7. Obergeschoss - Konferenzbereiche