Day-Care Facility, Berlin

Site: Berlin-Lichterfelde
Client: Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben
Services: Competition
Duration: 2021
Three Floors of Connection and Communication

BFA successfully entered an architectural planning competition with an innovative design for a three-story wooden hybrid house. Now being built near the Teltow Canal in Berlin-Lichterfelde, the house is to be used as a day-care facility for 80 children. The ultimate focus of the architectural design is connection and communication between children, and between children and adults. An open atrium staircase, symbolizing a vertical communication column made up of air space and lines of sight, manifests BFA’s design. Crèche and kindergarten rooms are spaciously grouped around the atrium. On the ground floor the rooms are directly connected to the outside research garden, and from the rooms on the upper floors, an outside staircase leads down into the greenery. The open and barrier-free design enables the children to move around independently and confidently in their own space.