Apartment House, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Leistungen: Competition
Projektzeit: 2021
Space to study

An airy and spacious block for student living is being built in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde. Generously designed, there is space for 200 students in this five-storey contemporary building, which is divided vertically into three structures with two open staircases. The central, largest part is encircled by an open walkway: which is simultaneously a balcony and a meeting area, and offers access to the residential units that are surrounded by garden trellises. The beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, the well thought-out built-in furniture and spacious barrier-free bathrooms give the compact one to two-room apartments a considerate feeling of space. In addition, the residential units are supplemented with communal areas, both inside and on the roof and in the surrounding outdoor area. Furthermore, the potential re-use of the building was considered: The entire building is based on a modular grid that can be flexibly connected together.