Am Schlosspark, Berlin

Site: Berlin
Client: Gesobau
Services: HOAI 1-9
Duration: 2014-2017
Cost: 4,5 Mio. €

In the district of Pankow in Berlin, right next to the Schlosspark (Castle Gardens), a new apartment building is emerging. The new building is being built as a block development on a large plot with trees between the Pankow Summer Baths and the park. Bollinger + Fehlig architects are planning and implementing the new building on behalf of GESOBAU. The open floor plans of the total of 26 apartments render them easily accessible and family friendly. Both in their planning and implementation, all of the apartments correspond to the current requirements for sustainability and efficiency. The facade design with floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies creates a spacious outdoor feel, and thereby allows the inhabitants to make optimal use of the particularly beautiful living environment.