Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60

Site: Berlin, Alt-Friedrichsfelde
Services: Competition
Duration: 2021
Totally sustainable

In Alt-Friedrichsfelde, not far from the Berlin Zoo, an office building has been built where sustainability is the top priority. To begin, a lush, green courtyard has been created in the middle of a rectangular shaped, four-story building that has been constructed of renewable beech wood. The courtyard opens up via a spacious passage on the ground floor to the sumptuous garden. Wherever possible, the office areas have been unsealed and biotope areas created to collect excess rainwater, or high quality, green “action points.” The easily accessible rooftop remains bio conscious and “green” with incorporated photovoltaic systems. The self-generated electricity on the roof fully supplies all the building’s needs. The design of the office space is flexible, with heating, cooling and ventilation controlled via a climate adaptable floor. The corridors vary in width to create open spaces for communication, and individual offices and meeting rooms are distributed like islands. This dynamic design allows the workforce to grow by 10% without remodeling. In addition, generous glass fronts allow the surrounding greenery to be enjoyed both inside and out, creating a calm space to work yet experience nature.